Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society

Mary Mulligan at Walnut Hill 2010

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 The Society was first established in 1975 (incorporated in 1977) to promote the association of people with an interest in vintage vehicles and pleasure driving. Although regional in name because of the locale of origin, the membership includes people from Ontario, Quebec, and the United States. The Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society continues as a non-profit organization promoting the growing sport of carriage driving to drivers in Ontario and beyond. A new source of interest in carriage driving comes from the boomer generation reaching the retirement stage of their riding careers and searching for alternative ways to enjoy their horses.

The Society emphasizes family involvement in meetings and driving activities. 

Anyone, who is interested in Pleasure, Recreational or Combined Driving may participate whether:
- using light or heavy horses, ponies or Very Small Equines (VSE) or other harnessed animals 
- using vintage or modern appropriate vehicles including Marathon vehicles
- interested in collecting, restoring vehicles, or literature on carriages
- involved in pursuits related to these interests.

Regular events include Social Drives, Clinics and Competitions. Through newsletters, the website, and Facebook, the club develops awareness of the sport, and opportunities for connecting with people, who share similar interests. Carriage driving clinics, given by professional instructors, are scheduled annually.

The Society is managed by a Board of Directors. Society elections take place at the Annual General Meeting held each year.

EOPDS Current Board of Directors

EOPDS Constitution (PDF)

Education is an important aspect of the club's promotional effort. The directors serve as resource facilitators for new drivers, assisting them in finding instructors and trainers, as well as identifying harness makers and carriage manufacturers.  

Our EOPDS Membership Application and Waiver Form is in Adobe PDF format and can be downloaded by clicking the   
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EOPDS is a chapter of the Carriage Association of America and a member of the Ontario Equestrian Federation Associations Advisory Council.