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This page was last updated on May 15, 2019.

For Sale: - 

Classified       Pole For Pair
       Painted with black primer,
       Ready to match your carriage.
       The iron work looks like it could have been made by Brewster Carriage NYC.
       Suitable for acarriage or sleigh.
       Asking $275 USD . For more information

   Contact  John at 905-648-1344 or e-mail: john_sat@hotmail.com 

For Sale: -

Classified    McLaughlin road cart, circa 1900  
   Original McLaughlin name plate.
   Brewster Green, Original Parts
   Seat Tan-Horse Hair Padded Covered With Bedford Corduroy Fabric
   Suitable For 15-16 Hand Horse
   Completely Restored-Never Used Since, Excellent Condition                               

   Asking $1750 USD or best offer. For more information

   Contact  John at 905-648-1344 or e-mail: john_sat@hotmail.com 

For Sale: -

Classified     Canadian Mare for Sale
     Twin Willows Ferari Wynsome [CAN] 14197
       Sire: Beckett’s Creek Calypso Ferari [CAN] 6948
       Dam: Twin Willows Lalou Gabrielle [CAN] 8146
       Date of Birth: June 17, 2009
       Sex: Female    Height: 15.2hh 
 Price: $ 10,000

Twin Willows Ferari Wynsome [CAN]14197 is a registered 100% Canadian mare, boasting the refined breeding of the Viger and Brio de la Victoire bloodlines. Although the Canadian horse is recognized as the National Horse of Canada, it is a rare breed, and is currently critically endangered.
Wynsome has excellent conformation, an extremely friendly temperament and a very willing attitude. 
She has been training for 8 months with Ali Imankhani, a certified Stage 4 Riding Instructor with the British Horse Society, in flat work, to the First Level Dressage with lateral movements and collection in walk, trot and canter. She is a well-balanced horse that is completely at home with trail riding and living outside 24/7. 
Wynsome has also been ground driven with long lines. She is up to date with shots, farrier and deworming.

Contact:   Francine at francine@twinwillows.ca     Here is Wynsome’s video link.

For Sale: -

Classified    Two wheeled metal cart, metal shafts are fixed, padded seat & backrest, motorcycle wheels.
    Also included:        
    spare motorcycle tire tube, metal slow moving vehicle sign, spare bolts for wheels, collapsible stand.
    Width of cart at wheel bumpers: 49 inches
    Width at narrowest part of shafts: 22 inches
    Shaft length to cart: ~87.5 inches
    Total length: 11 feet


Contact Jennifer Sigouin  613-862-2707 or via email at  rbluetrooper@gmail.com

For Sale: -

    Cart - Wheels: 50.5" 57" apart
    Shaft is 69" 38" at the widest 9" at the narrowest
    Seat width 41"
    Suitable for Clyde cross  
    Asking price $ 3,500.00

Contact  Nadja Davidson at 613-836-2755 or email at nadja5@sympatico.ca  

For Sale: -

    Side Spring Pony Carriage for 13h-14h pony. New rubber on the wheels. Excellent condition and show
    ready. Very elegant. Box not included. Located in Kemptville, Ontario 15 minutes north of the US border
    at Ogdensburg NY.  $1200

Contact  Terry Olmstead 613-878-1472 or email at fairsteadstable@gmail.com  

Wanted: -
Mini and/or small pony harness, carts or wagons. Will repair if required.

Contact  613-292-6805

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