EOPDS Calendar of Events


*EOPDS Dates and Venues subject to change

EOPDS Calender of Events (PDF) 

This page was last updated on August 24, 2018.

EOPDS Calendar of Events 2018

Aug 30 – Sept 3 Shawville Fair Shawville, Quebec http://www.shawvillefair.ca  or   info@shawvillefair.ca   or  819-647-3213
Sept 3 Upper Canada Village Horse Lovers Weekend Morrisburg. Ontario 1-800-437-2233 or 613-543-4328  or  http://www.uppercanadavillage.com
Sept  6 - 9 Spencerville Fair Spencerville, Ontario http://www.spencervillefair.ca
Sept 12 EOPDS Social Drive Greg Williams Farm, Carsonby, Ontario Bill Gardner   613-835-9807   or
Sept 13 - 16 Richmond Fair Richmond, Ontario Tel: 613-838-3420   or   richmondfair@sympatico.ca
Sept 15 TCCA Fall Combined Test Show Paris Fairgrounds, Ontario https://www.tricountycarriage.com
Sept 20 - 23 Carp Fair Carp, Ontario www.carpfair.ca   or   info@carpfair.ca   
Sept 27 - 30 Metcalfe Fair Metcalfe, Ontario www.metcalfefair.com  or  metfair@bellnet.ca 
Sept 29 - 30  SLCDC TREC Initiation CLINIC  Roxton Ponds, Quebec Diane  Diane Goyette 1-514-476-2172 info@attelagestlazare.org
Oct 2 - 7 The National Drive  Hoosier Horse Park, Edinburgh, Indiana  USA  Linda Sadler, 1-217-621-7845 (leave msg) or email TheNationalDrive@gmail.com
Oct 13 EOPDS Social Drive Fairstead Stables,  Kemptville, Ontario Terry Olmstead 613-258-1472 /  fairsteadstable@gmail.com
Oct 19 – 20  Martin’s Fall Auction Lebanon, Pennsylvania  USA 717-354-6671 or http://www.martinauctioneers.com/
Nov 2 - 11 Royal Winter Fair Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario http://www.royalfair.org/  or   info@royalfair.org  
Nov 3 EOPDS Annual General Meeting & Potluck AGM to start at 2 pm for 2018 Red Dot Café, Osgoode, Ontario Bill Gardner   613-835-9807   or
Dec 7 EOPDS Christmas Social 6 pm Red Dot Café, Osgoode, Ontario Bill Gardner   613-835-9807   or

*EOPDS Dates and Venues subject to change

EOPDS:- Eastern Ontario Pleasure Driving Society
OCDA:- Ontario Carriage Driving Association
TCCA:- Tri-County Carriage Driving Association
CAA:- Carriage Association of America
OVLHA:- Ottawa Valley Light Horse Association
SLCDC:- St. Lazare Carriage Driving Club
EOMHC:- Eastern Ontario Minature Horse Club
TBD:- To Be Determined
TBA:- To Be Announced

Other Driving Clubs event webpages (includes socials) listed as a courtesy: 
TCCA -      https://www.tricountycarriage.com/events.html         
SLCDC -    http://www.attelagestlazare.org/e-activities.html   (English)
                 http://www.attelagestlazare.org/activites.html       (French)  
OCDA -     http://www.carriagedriving.ca/events_2018/ 
EOMHC -  http://easternontariominiaturehorseclub.ca/events/list/